• Jorge Sotolongo

Stay safe. Stay home.

This morning, I had the privilege to work side by side with people I’d never met. We barely asked each other’s names. We didn’t need to, because we knew why we were there - to work together toward a singular mission.

Not a single person, of any race, or any age showed support for the damage done. The mindset was unanimous - we support peaceful protest, we do not support anarchy.

Secondly, and most importantly, another young American lost his life last night. His name is James Scurlock and he was 22 years old. The suspect is in police custody. He has not gone free. The fallout from this tragedy will further exacerbate Omaha’s situation Downtown.

Again, I’ll repeat it - tonight’s not the night. Honor the curfew and stay home so that we can collect ourselves for tomorrow, to demonstrate peacefully as one City against the deaths of George, James, and all others who have been unjustly killed. I know what I’m asking, and I know it’s hard to accept. But, it’s about protecting life.

Stay safe. Stay home.