• Jorge Sotolongo

Rest in Power George Floyd

Your senseless death has left a nation reeling and torn. The pain and anguish has been like a flood across the country. We will not let your death be in vain.

I've spent the last few days just listening - to friends, family, coworkers, community leaders, faces on the news. I've watched a short clip of George Floyd, probably some FB post he made in the past, talking about the younger generation. I must have watched it 40 times.

An American was unjustly murdered and taken from us. The trauma and pain felt by our black community is real. Our fellow Americans are hurting. They fear for their children.

We must protect one another and I urge everyone, regardless of culture or ideology, to reach out to the people of color in your lives and listen. Offer your hand and pray for them.

George signs off his video with a message to the youth that have been caught up in gang violence saying, "Come on home, man. One day its going to be you and God. You're either going up or you're going down." I didn't know him, but that's how I choose to remember him.