The future of District 7 also depends on creative solutions and bold action on immigration.  I support legal immigration, finding a permanent solution for DACA recipients and Dreamers, and helping the undocumented emerge from the shadows.  These issues can be tackled while maintaining a strong respect and adherence to the laws that keep Nebraskans safe.  The key is to engage and communicate with our immigrant populations, in the pursuit of common sense immigration reform. 


Using my shared culture and language, I will provide our Legislature with the tools necessary to finally solve immigration in a way that mutually benefits Nebraskans and those seeking to live here.  Nebraska has a unique opportunity to become a leader in immigration, not just regionally, but also nationally.  Our state has a strong trade relationship with Mexico - one of the strongest among the region.  One of the primary goals of my first term will be to join Nebraska‚Äôs leaders in Mexico City to discuss how we might further strengthen this trade relationship and develop a partnership to tackle immigration.